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The amenities and facilities at North Residences in Barangay Veteran’s Village, Quezon City, are comparable to higher-end residential developments, with recreational, safety and security features all designed for the enjoyment and comfort of residents.

The amenities and facilities available are:

  • Swimming Pool: A private swimming pool will be available for the exclusive use of residents at North Residences and their families, and the pool deck will be a great place for your friends and family to gather right here at home.
  • Gym: A fully-equipped gym conveniently located within North Residences will provide a safe and convenient place to work out and keep fit.
  • Viewing Deck: A viewing deck on the topmost floors of the North Residences building will provide a panoramic view of the Metro Manila cityscape, and a great place for a gathering or a party.
  • Multi-Purpose Function Room: For meetings, gatherings, events and celebrations, a multi purpose function room is provided for the exclusive use of residents at North Residences to host larger groups of guests within the comfort and convenience of home.
  • Moveable Children’s Playset: A children’s playset will be provided for the youngest residents of North Residences to play and socialize with other children in comfort and safety.
  • Guarded Reception Lobby And Guest Reception: A guest reception area in the lobby of the North Residences building, manned by a 24/7 security guard service to monitor visitors to the building, will provide security and peace of mind to residents and their families.
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras: A CCTV camera system in selected public areas within the North Residences building will monitor all activity for the safety of all residents and visitors.
  • Three Elevators: A generous three elevators per floor will ensure easy access and exit to your unit in North Residences, even during busy hours.
  • AFSS / Fire Detection And Alarm System, Fire Exits With Pressurization Blowers: The North Residences Development is equipped with the most up-to-date fire detection and alarm systems for the safety and security of residents, along with ample fire exits and pressurization blower systems in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  • Dual Underground And Elevated Tank System: For continuous and uninterrupted water supply, the North Residences building is equipped with a dual underground as well as an elevated tank system for good water pressure throughout the building.
  • 24 Hour Car Ramp Signaling System: A 24 hour ramp signaling system is provided for ease and convenience of parking for all residents and tenants.
  • Maintenance And Janitorial Services For Common Facilities: To ensure cleanliness and comfortable living conditions at the North Residences condominium, maintenance and janitorial services will be provided for all common areas of the building.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant: A purpose-built sewage treatment plant ensures that North Residences is an ecologically-friendly building, contributing to efforts to preserve the environment for future generations.
  • Individual Electric And Water Meters: Individual electricity and water meters record the consumption of resources for each unit to ensure easy billing for residents.
  • Individual Telephone Outlets: Telephone outlets in each unit allow easy access to internet services.
  • Individual TV Outlets With MATV/CATV : Optional cable ready TV  outlets in each unit will provide easy access to endless options for in-home entertainment.
  • Individual Self-Service Mailboxes: Private mailboxes in a dedicated mail room will allow residents to collect their mail at their convenience.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Viewing Deck
  • Multi-Purpose Function Room
  • Moveable Children's Playset
  • Guarded Reception Lobby & Guest Reception Counter
  • Three (3) elevators
  • AFSS / Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Fire Exits with Pressurization Blowers
  • Dual Underground & Elevated Tank System
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras
  • 24 Hour Car Ramp Signaling System
  • Chute and Central Garbage Storage
  • 24-Hour Association Security
  • Maintenance & Janitorial Services for Common Facilities
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Individual Electric and Water Meters
  • Individual Telephone Outlets
  • Individual TV Outlets with MATV/CATV (Optional)
  • Individual Self-Service Mailbox
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